Monday, December 28, 2009


confined to an ill lined cage
swinging on a lonely perch
i am a mockingbird.
forever regurgitating
all the words
i have ever heard
not having
a mind of my own
can't speak
can't stand
can't belong.
a mockingbird forever
in a world of

Friday, November 27, 2009

beauty is.

Beauty is the courage to stand
To love one another
To lend a hand

Beauty is the strength to know
When to pull back
And when to go

Beauty is the hope inside
To know who you are
And never to hide

Beauty is being a friend
Someone who cares
From now til the end

Beauty is finding no fear
And holding on tight
To those you find dear

Beauty is outside
But most times it's in
For without inner beauty
You never will win.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


i can hardly stand
how hypocritical it all is
hypocritical it all is

who is the one
that is left with the blame?

who is the one that cries?

who runs out of words to explain herself?

who is honestly sick trying.

it is me.
and she is done.

i am mute.

words are screaming in my head
but all you hear
is silence

i am mute.

words only hurt.
but silence hurts.
everying hurts.

it is better to be
to cry silent tears
to run away
to not exist.

no one cares.
no one will listen
too caught up in the hype
while i am left behind

i don't belong
i will never belong.
but that doesn't matter to anyone.

i am mute.

i am silent.

the words i don't say
will be my down fall

but my mouth won't open

stranger's song.

so peaceful when she sleeps
the world would never know.
how her heart is breaking.
how it kills her so.

living in a world
where she'd never quite belong.
hiding her true feelings
to her it is this song.

always known as different
a stranger in her skin
so many words she must speak
but doesn't know where to begin.

stuck in silence
with words screaming in her head
the words that'd save her
but are forever left unsaid

Sunday, October 4, 2009


all that does is
my mouth is open
but all you hear is
i want to speak
i want to be heard
but you wont
all i do is
but it doesn't work.




i won't take it any more

if i am going to speak
i am going to be heard.
and you are going to listen
my voice won't be strangled any longer
I AM going to


Saturday, October 3, 2009


where were you when i needed a friend
where were you when i needed a shoulder
to dry my tears
did you know my heart was breaking?
did you know i was in pain?

all i needed was for someone to
say they cared
someone to beg me to stay
someone to save me from this place
someone to care if i disappeared.

so what rumors have you heard
are they the reason
that you won;t look my way
i'm just a girl with a bad reputaion
but you don't know that i'm slipping away

all i needed was for
someone to say they cared
someone to beg me to stay
some one to save me from this place
someone to care if i disappeared

i'm like a ticking bomb
my expiration date has past
can't save this soul anymore
it's too late now
i'm gone.

no one bothered to tell me
how much they cared
no one begged me to stay
no one came to save me from this place
no one cared if i disappeared


all i wanted was to make things better
but it turns out that was in vain
everytime i tried
a part of me was torn apart
and all it's proved is that i am broken.

why couldn't you see
that i needed you to care
i needed you to have my back
all i wanted to do
was to fix what i had ruined
but the real one in ruins
was me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

one day.

give me one day.
one day to live the life
i wish i had

give me one day
one day to be happy
instead of sad

give me one day
one day to say the words
my lips wouldn't speak

give me one day
one day to climb a mountains
tallest peak

if all i had was one day
one day to survive
i wouldn't waste one minute
i'd be glad i am alive.

broken heart. (haiku)

their hearts are breaking
you can see it in their eyes
a river of tears


a broken heart
a torn up dream
everything goes wrong
it seems

every time i try
i lose
there is nothing left
for me to choose

a warming hug
a gentle kiss
these are things
that i most miss

and i miss the touch
of warm soft hands
and the one person
that just understands

everyday i am
being taunted
for what i want most
is to be wanted

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

from one to two.

one path splits to two
a decision must be made
go the path that was long once worn
or the other with new bricks laid

both have ups
both have downs
both have smiles
both have frowns

both are beautiful
both you love
but only one can take you
past mountains above

it's time to make a choice
you see
it's no one's choice
but for yours to be

which ever path you choose
you lose...

for once your journ ey comes to an end
it will be your heart that is left to mend.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

your eyes.

the glitter in your eyes has me melting.
the truth in your eyes has me believing.
the ambition in your eyes has me hoping.
the longing in your eyes has me wondering.

the pain in your eyes has me hurting.
the sorrow in your eyes has me crying.
the stories in your eyes keep me going.
the depth in your eyes make me see.


music is the poetry that can speak when your heart can not find the words.
hello blogging world. for those of you who have read my first blog welcome to the new chapter in the LuLu series. this blog is strictly poetry... the words in which beauty is spoken. poetry is meant for expression and expression alone. it is not meant to impress, or to curse, just to leave a long lasting print on a soul... it is to be remembered whether loved or hated, good or bad, long or short. it is to be remembered, for the feeling it leaves.