Friday, November 27, 2009

beauty is.

Beauty is the courage to stand
To love one another
To lend a hand

Beauty is the strength to know
When to pull back
And when to go

Beauty is the hope inside
To know who you are
And never to hide

Beauty is being a friend
Someone who cares
From now til the end

Beauty is finding no fear
And holding on tight
To those you find dear

Beauty is outside
But most times it's in
For without inner beauty
You never will win.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


i can hardly stand
how hypocritical it all is
hypocritical it all is

who is the one
that is left with the blame?

who is the one that cries?

who runs out of words to explain herself?

who is honestly sick trying.

it is me.
and she is done.

i am mute.

words are screaming in my head
but all you hear
is silence

i am mute.

words only hurt.
but silence hurts.
everying hurts.

it is better to be
to cry silent tears
to run away
to not exist.

no one cares.
no one will listen
too caught up in the hype
while i am left behind

i don't belong
i will never belong.
but that doesn't matter to anyone.

i am mute.

i am silent.

the words i don't say
will be my down fall

but my mouth won't open

stranger's song.

so peaceful when she sleeps
the world would never know.
how her heart is breaking.
how it kills her so.

living in a world
where she'd never quite belong.
hiding her true feelings
to her it is this song.

always known as different
a stranger in her skin
so many words she must speak
but doesn't know where to begin.

stuck in silence
with words screaming in her head
the words that'd save her
but are forever left unsaid